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Toll Free 800.654.3247 Local 405.631.3933 24 Hour Fax 405.634.6815 Dbs Qjdlvq 52 STEEL OR CHROME TILT & SHIFT COLUMNS ALUMINUM TILT & SHIFT COLUMNS Specifications Tube Diameter 2 1/4" Output Shaft 1" DD Available Finishes Paintable Steel Chrome-plated Steel Steering Wheel Adapter Required 69 or newer GM pass Car Steel or Chrome Tilt Columns Paintable Steel Price Chrome Price 18" Tilt Col Shift 1130180010 584.25 1130180020 763.11 28" Tilt Col Shift 1130280010 584.25 1130280020 763.11 30" Tilt Col Shift 1130300010 584.25 1130300020 763.11 32" Tilt Col Shift 1130330010 584.25 1130330020 763.11 35" Tilt Col Shift 1130350010 584.25 1130350020 763.11 Steel or Chrome Tilt Column Shift with Ignition Paintable Steel Price Chrome Price 18" Tilt Col Shift 1530180010 889.42 1530180020 1068.27 28" Tilt Col Shift 1530280010 889.42 1520280020 1068.27 30" Tilt Col Shift 1530300010 889.42 1530300020 1068.27 32" Tilt Col Shift 1530330010 889.42 1530330020 1068.27 35" Tilt Col Shift 1530350010 889.42 1530350020 1068.27 Steel Tilt Column Shift This column has become an industry standard. The steel tilt column shift offers the added comfort of tilt as well as self-cancelling turn signals, four-way flashers, and standard dress-up kit. Along with these standard features is the in- dexable lower shift arm. With 12 possible positions, adjust- ability is just the turn of the wrench away. Tilt Column Shift with Ignition Switch Put the convenience of an ignition switch at your fin- gertips with a tilt column shift with ignition. Along with the standard tilt column features, this column also includes tow coded keys and an electric switch. The ignition switch is smaller and is encased in a smooth, sleek housing that is not only pleasing to the eye, but concealed enough that you may not know it's there. The column also includes the fuses and relays to carry the high amperage of present day electrical systems. LUMNS SPECIFICATIONS Tube Diameter 2-1/4" Output Shaft 1" 48 Available Finishes Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum Steering Wheel Adapter Required 69 or newer GM pass car Aluminum Tilt Steering Columns Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum Price 18" Tilt Col Shift 1050180030 1050180040 1108.89 28" Tilt Col Shift 1050280030 1050280040 1108.89 30" Tilt Col Shift 1050300030 1050300040 1108.89 33" Tilt Col Shift 1050330030 1050330040 1108.89 35" Tilt Col Shift 1050350030 1050350040 1108.89 Ignition switch is not available in aluminum columns Aluminum Tilt Columns If aluminum is what you're after, then these are the answer for you. Alu- minum non-tilt columns offer the same space saving features as the steel or chrome versions. The aluminum columns are available in a brushed or polished finish. The brushed column is clear anodized, mak- ing it nearly maintenance free. No matter which column you prefer, noth- ing matches the elegance of aluminum. Shif mns nition n s i witc t h is Suspension & Steering Parts

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