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177 Local 405-631-3933 24 Hour Fax 405-634-6815 info@classicautoparts.com 1949-72 Fullsize Cars Wiring & Electrical Parts Highway 15 Nostalgia Kit All the features of the popular Highway 15 wiring kit, with 1950s traditional braid & lacquer wire high gloss finish and ex- tremely colorful flare will add that needed finishing touch while giving the best, safest, and easiest to install electrical component system available today! 1. As if directly out of the 50s, the innovators at American Autowire have brought you the greatest looking system and put it together with Americas #1 selling street rod & custom car wiring system. The traditional braid & lacquer wire, with its high gloss finish and extremely colorful flare will add that needed finishing touch while giving the best, safest and easiest to install electrical component system available today! 2. The Highway 15 Modular Panel creates a versatile and expandable base for your nostalgia street rod or custom. This brute in a small package is built with the very best heavy duty components. Built into this panel you will find heavy duty leads for battery, ignition, accessory, horn relay, and turn signal. 3. Heavy gauge wire for panel connection power and alternator (or generator) circuits. 4. Nylon 6/6 components! All 15 output power connections are protected by 9 fused circuits consisting of; 1 turn/hazard flasher circuit, 1 ignition only circuit, 3 battery circuits, and 4 ignition accessory circuits. This system covers everything you need in a small easy to mount panel! 5. Included with every Nostalgia Wiring System is a new dash mounted ignition switch, headlight switch with an auto-reset circuit- breaker, and floor dimmer switch, all with mating connectors and terminals. 6. Front lighting includes all headlight, park light, and directional circuits. Headlight connectors and terminals are provided 175 Mega-Fuse system protection 7. The instrument cluster wiring comes ready for speedometer, tachometer, water temp., oil pressure, fuel, voltmeter, as well as provi- your workbench simple and convenient. The less time spent under your dash the better! 8. Complete wiring for steering column including horn, directional signal switch and 4-way hazards. Mating connectors are provided existing steering column turn signal switch. 9. We have provided long lead wires for all rear connections, such as taillights, brake lights, and fuel sender. Wires are color consis- tent throughout so identification is easy and fast. All terminals and connectors are provided where ever there is a pre-defined need. Full color schematic of overall vehicle wiring along with individual harness subkit instructions for trouble-free installation. # 50094 kit ..........................................................................899.00

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