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1949-72 Fullsize Cars 248 Toll Free Order Desk 18006543247 www.ClassicAutoParts.com Air Conditioning & Parts Gen-II Super Cooler The Absolute Performance Leader! State of the art GEN-II servo motor control technol- ogy is now incorporated into the most popular heat and cool system. Amazing perfor- mance is achieved with the GEN-II Super's new "D" shaped air outlets. As an added benefit, you can position all 4 louvers wherever you need them. The ideal system for the largest sedans or wagons. Features true bi-level operations in cool and heat modes and a more powerful dehumidified defroster mode. Now features servo-actuated adjustable heater valve. Gen-II Technology Benefits: High torque screw-drive servo motors control all butterfly airflow doors. Increased travel on these doors allows much greater airflow. Immediate response to control input and superior door sealing over vacuum con- trols. No reliance on engine vacuum - important with high performance engines. Re-engineered heating/cooling coil. Increases cooling capacity by over 20%, and heating capacity by over 100%. Re-engineered and computer aided design to evaporator case. Optimized internal case design allows significant airflow volume increases. Increased capacity and control of dehumidified defroster airflow. Blower fan motor isolated on rubber mounts for quiet running and longer life. Gen-II Super Cooler Systems Come complete with: Evaporator and Mounting Brackets Wiring Harness A/C Duct Hose Drain Kit Heater Control Valve Defrost Option Includes Hoses and Ducts Please include the following information when ordering: 1. Year and Body style 2. Engine Size 3. Control Style 4. Part Number Gen-II Super Cooler Heat & Cool 61005-VUX-A each . . . . . . . . . . . . 470.00 Heat, Cool, & Defrost 61005-VUZ-A each . . . . . . . . . . . . 490.00 Choose In-Dash or Under-Dash Controls Gen-II Systems available with our new 4-Lever dash mounted control panel. Horizontal or vertical style are both avail- able. 4-knob pod for under dash or hidden control installation. Dimension Detail 8.5" 24"

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